When I smile, my soul shines. I smile when I am happy.
I haven’t smiled for a long time.
On these days, the memory of my old smile is enough.
The joy, its warmth.
I like to smile
The wide grin, teeth beaming.
I love it when I can’t help but smile.
When I try to hide my teeth

My favorite is the smile that transitions to a laugh
A genuine belly laugh
That smile signals the goodness to come
It can’t contain itself
Spreads to my heart, to my toes.

This prompt is from blogreedsy.com — “Write a story that involves a reflection in a mirror”

Kayla pushed her trolley filled with clothing and made her way to the cash registers. She’d finally decided to get new clothing after gaining weight during the pandemic. None of her clothes could fit…

The flames rage. They say they purify.
The fire does not refine as it does with gold.
The fire scorches, the smoke chokes,
The smell lingers, for generations. It clings to everything.
They strike the match, pour paraffin.
They know the fire colors everything black,
They want the fire to color it black.
They are the…

*A poem or a story.

I woke up in my mother’s house. I went to bed with my heart in my mouth because I went to bed in my mother’s house, on my bed. It’s been an eternity since I woke up at home. I finally woke up in my…

I wrote this short story during a Come Write along Session with Bhala Writers . The prompt was “Write a story with the phrase “I/They/He/She would sooner die than have someone realize that…””

Sally the Go Getter
Sally had it all together. She had finally settled into the rhythm of adulthood…

I wrote this from a prompt provided by Bhala Writers, bhala.mn.co, “Write a short excerpt for a murder mystery story using the phrase “They/She/He had made just one mistake””

Sylvia stood over her husband’s body and forced herself to let out the loudest, most despairing scream she could find. The…

I was so excited to be returning to New York. I loved the energy of the city, it was infectious. I always felt like I had to be doing something or going somewhere. Everyone looked so determined, so focused on their life purpose. I used that energy to inspire myself…

Will Moyo

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